I want to host a fundraiser, how do I get started?
Call 1-877-800-1077 or fill out our contact form to request a fundraiser. An event coordinator will contact you to get started.


What days are you able to host a fundraiser?
We are available 7 days a week for your convenience outside of major holidays.


How much does our organization make for hosting a fundraiser?
Gold Stash pays your organization 20% of the total purchased throughout your fundraiser. So, if your fundraiser total purchase was $39,000 we would pay your organization $7,800.


How soon am I paid for hosting a fundraiser?
You are paid at the end of your fundraiser event. If your event is a single day event you are paid the same day. If your event is spread over 3 days you are paid at the end of the event for the total purchased amount.


Does it cost me any money to host a fundraiser?
Gold Stash provides all the marketing material, event supplies, raffle prizes and staff, so there is no expense to you. We make it as painless and profitable as possible for your organization to raise funds.


I want to host a fundraiser, how soon can I schedule it?
We suggest you give a minimum of 2 weeks to promote your fundraiser and 3-4 weeks is an ideal timeline to market, schedule and prepare supplies for your fundraiser.