Cash for Gold Locations


Are we local and/or how often are we at a location?
We have cash for gold stores located in Arizona; Mesa, Gilbert, Sun City, Lakeside, Avondale. Missouri; Blue Springs, Kansas City, Nixa. Leawood, Kansas. Orlanda, Florida for your convenience. Check out our cash for gold Arizona, Cash for gold Florida, Cash for gold Kansas, Cash for gold Missouri locations.


Are the gold buying locations busy, how long do I have to wait?
Generally when visiting our gold buying events you walk in and are greeted and are helped right away. In seldom cases there may be a short wait as we are helping other customers with their items. If you prefer a private appointment we can accommodate your needs,
call 877-800-1077.


Can you remove my stones from gold Jewelry?
If your item(s) contain stones in prongs we can safely remove them. If the stones are set inside a setting we are unable to remove without the risk of damage to the stones.


How long does it take to get paid for gold jewelry and other items?
You will be paid at the time of the sale with a check from Gold Stash.


What is the "spot price?"
"Spot price" refers to the market price that a precious metal like silver, gold, or platinum is trading at that day.


How do you determine the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry?
We use a unit called a "pennyweight." Twenty pennyweight or dwt is equal to one ounce.


What kind of items can I bring in and is there a limit?
There is no limit on the items you can bring, as long as they are made of gold, silver, or platinum. Everything from a broken necklace to old silverware can be turned into cash.


What if I don't like the price you're offering or have changed my mind?
If you don't agree with the price being offered, then you are under no obligation to sell your jewelry or items. It's your choice.


Do we buy coins?
Yes we buy rare coins including (but not limited to): Penny (wheat), Nickel (Buffalo), Dime ('64 and earlier), Quarter ('64 and earlier), Silver Dollar, 50 cent ('70 and earlier), pure gold coins, pure silver coins.


Do you buy silver without a hallmark?
We purchase silver that is stamped 925, Sterling or 999 Pure Silver. If the item does not contain the stamp we will not be able to purchase the item(s).


How can I sell my Gold?
Visit one of our gold buying locations or request a free gold and silver mailer


Where to sell Gold?
Visit one of our cash for gold buying locations or request a free gold and silver mailer