Host a Fundraiser

Raise Money for a Good Cause!

Host a Fundraiser


Can you imagine attending a Fundraiser where all the participants MAKE money while you also RAISE funds to help you meet your Fundraising goals?


Gold Stash Gold Parties can be used as fundraising events. Our unique type of fundraising is called "non-cash" fundraising. This is an event where participants make money and still raise money for a cause! Call 877-800-1077, and let's raise some money!


Raise Money for a Great Cause!


Invite your friends/coworkers to "Get PAID to PARTY" with this innovative way to raise money for your cause! You and your guests get paid top dollar for all unwanted gold, silver, platinum jewelry, coins, flatware, (even gold teeth)! Gold Stash will donate 20% of the total purchased that day to your organization in your name.

Also, no one has to donate time, money or make a purchase! Everyone can take part in helping you meet your goal as you raise funds to increase awareness, fund important research, contribute to the betterment of those suffering from illness and bring us closer to a cure. As you can see, this is a profitable, painless and easy way to reach your fundraising goals. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to assisting you with your fundraising efforts!


Fundraising Benefits: