Secrets on how to sell gold

Identifying Stamps


Solid gold's purity is measured in karats. The higher the number of karats, the greater the value of the gold.


When do you sell gold!


Gold prices are at an all-time high; the highest they've been for the past 40 years.


Get the most out of your gold!


At Gold Stash, we price your gold based on the current value of gold in the market as well as the purity (karat) and weight of each piece. We are confident that we're offering you the best price for your gold that if you find a better written offer from an online competitor, we'll match it plus give you an additional 10%*.


More than Supply and Demand.


What determines the price of gold? There are a few variables which help determine the price of gold. The price of gold will fluctuate depending on gold’s availability and its demand from people, companies and governments. In 2009, the supply for gold was about 500 metric tons more than the demand for gold, which showcased that supply and demand are not the only factors influencing gold prices.


Jewelry prices vs. gold prices?


There is a fairly large difference in the price you pay for jewelry bought in a store versus the value of the gold in that jewelry. Retail value for jewelry is largely based on the cost of its design and craftsmanship as well as overhead and profit for the company. Even if you own gold, silver or platinum jewelry purchased years ago that may no longer be in style, this jewelry may have significant value that you can turn into cash.